• Too many clouds for an eclipse shot last night, but the trees looked cool from the window.

  • Former US Attorney General Eric Holder for the New York Times Magazine

  • Perdue Chicken Eagle Springs Hatchery for the New York Times

    (And yes, all those crates are full of chicks. They process 1.1 million chicks a week)

  • Holiday Road……..

    Working on an edit of South Dakota/western photos from this summer. I waited a long time to get an RV to drive through here.

  • Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years Later

    This was one of the first big stories I ever covered, for a long gone photo agency out of New York. I got to New Orleans for the first Mardi Gras after Katrina, 6 months after the storm hit the city, and I will never forget getting out of the car in the 9th Ward and being so shocked by the destruction that I just stood there for several minutes, staring dumbfounded. Almost nothing had been done since the storm and the destruction seemed to go on forever. I spent a couple weeks wandering the city, talking to returning residents, the couple clean up crews I saw, and ventured out to a trailer park for folks who has lost their homes. The lawlessness was still there, a cop pulled a gun on me and another photographer for venturing onto their security “camp”, and people were trying the best they could to put what they had left back in some kind of order. 

    I have been back since and it is good to see some things that were lost coming back to life, but I will say that no one I met had given up, they were just trying to get back to where they came from. The spirit remained, even when the material things were lost, and that seems to have continued. Lots of work still to do, but that city is a jewel, as are the people who make it so.

    1. Adrian Love, age 9, lived in a trailer park for displaced residents w/ her father.

    2. A train carrying trailers for the displaced residents of hurricane Katrina passes through the 9th Ward.

    3. Video gamer controller, Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans.

    4. Abandoned Cadillac, Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans.

    5.  Lloyd Lee stands on the steps where his house once stood in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

    6. A small crab, brought in by the flooding of the Lower Ninth Ward, was found in a TV in an abandoned house being cleaned out. 

    7. Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans.

    8. French Quarter, New Orleans.

    9. An abandoned teddy bear, Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans.