• Air Freshener, North Carolina State Legislative Building, May 2016.

    Outtake for this week’s TIME Magazine cover story.

  • Last week, TIME Magazine sent me to the North Carolina State Legislative Building to make some photos for this week’s cover story on HB2, the so-called “Bathroom Bill”, and the related debates around the country over the rights of transgender people. The photos above ran as the opening, double truck spread for the article.

    Cannot say that I ever imagined myself trying to come up with interesting ways to photograph bathrooms, but I thank Paul at TIME for trusting me to come up with something interesting, and not get arrested.

    On newsstands now.

  • Major Herbert W. Donahue, Jr. USMC Ret., for the New York Times.

    Major Donahue is the President and founder of United American Patriots (UAP). A former Marine Scout/Sniper and Force Recon Marine, Major Donahue spent 44 months in combat in Vietnam, before becoming an officer and F-4 Phantom pilot, returning to fly combat missions for an additional 3 years in the same conflict. He was medically retired in 1989 after a jet crash that nearly took his life.


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    Carolina Rebellion 2016 for VICE/Live Nation

  • North Carolina State Legislative Building, May 2016.


    Carolina Rebellion 2016 for Vice/Live Nation

    Grayson’s excellent story, along with my photos, is now live on the LNTV site.

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    Gwar BQ 2013

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