• For the last few years, a group of friends and I have been working to get a free, public concrete skatepark built in Pittsboro, NC. We have raised money through hook and crook, fundraisers of all types, community events, etc. etc. etc. Due to those efforts, the town has given us land, but we have to raise the cash to build the park. Progress has been made.

    Tonight, we will hold another fundraiser at the art gallery owned by my wife. 6 months ago, we bought 50 blank skateboards, sent them out to 50 artists, local and national, who were willing to donate their time and skill to help us get this park built. The boards will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the park fund. 

    As an added bonus, The Mountain Goats, aka John Darnielle (pictured above), will play a short set to help us get people in the door and eyes on the boards. 

    All details here

    See most of the boards here

    I cannot thank John, and all those who have helped us in any way enough for their efforts to see this through. After 25 years skateboarding, it still blows my mind to see what a group of like minded individuals can get done when they put their minds to it. We have always fought for a common goal and even now when skateboarding has grown to proportions beyond belief, those who have made it a true part of their life know that it is only through hard work and community effort that things get done.

    Thank you, hope to see you all tonight.

  • Dolly, Southern Folklife Collection archives, Wilson Library, UNC-CH

  • "Skabble", Alicia Lange, 2014

    One of the 50 or so boards we will be auctioning off to benefit the Pittsboro Skatepark Fund. Boards go up tonight and will be on view until August 29 when we will host a live auction for them all. Event page here

    Hope you can make it

  • Central Prison | Raleigh, NC | 2014

    "Central Prison in Raleigh has been in continuous service since 1884. It serves as the admission point into prison for adult male felons sentenced to 20 years or more, and is the main medical and mental health center for male inmates.  It also houses special populations including death row and safekeepers. "

  • Mac McCaughan | Superchunk for T: The New York Times Style Magazine

    This is one of my favorite live music photos I have ever made and should serve as inspiration to us all to keep jumping long after most people have told us it is not good for us.

    Have a good weekend

  • Wye Oak (outtake)  for T: The New York Times Style Magazine

    Full #merge25 gallery here