• Spreads from this week’s New York Times Magazine cover story on the dismantlement of the Voting Rights Act.
    Please read it

    Thank you to all the people willing to let me set up a 9ft. seamless in their spaces and be a part of this important story, Ethan, TJ and Joe for the interstate assistance and especially Christine and all the other fine folks at the NYTM for the opportunity.

  • Shelton Fireworks, Northern Missouri, June 2015.

    Came straight back from a western road trip into one of the biggest jobs I have ever had. Trying to catch up….

  • Notch Trail, Badlands National Park, South Dakota

    Back from the West… Back to Work…

  • Ever seen a rainbow in a cloud?

    Until yesterday, me either

    North Carolina summer weather is crazy

  • ROAD TRIP!!!

    Driving out to South Dakota for an old friend’s wedding and a bit of wanderlust…..

    follow along @jeremymlange