• Stephen Perry for the Wall Street Journal

    "In 2013 Stephen Perry, now 18, was swept up in a police action at his high school after a water balloon fight, in which he did not take part. Perry was charged with weapons possession, for a pocket knife, and expelled. Now back at the school, albeit in a separate program for suspended students, Stephen is trying to finish high school and put the incident behind him, while his mother pursues charges against the school system."

  • The Duke University School of Medicine for US News & World Report

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  • I spent a lot of time on a Marine base last week…..

  • Kay Hagan + Thom Tillis for the INDY Week Election Endorsement/ Halloween issue cover.

  • Jay Traylor | October 2014

    On January 26, 2014 Jay Traylor fell asleep at the wheel of his car returning from working with a friend and hit the metal guardrail along the edge of the highway. Instead absorbing the impact, part of the rail broke off, pierced his car floorboard, and severed his right leg and damaged his left leg. Traylor, a former Marine, administered  a tourniquet and called 911. He has since lost both legs to the accident

     A lawsuit, of which Traylor is a part, alleges that Trinity Highway Products LLC, the maker of the guardrail, altered the design to save money and that this change has led to severe injuries when cars have hit the rails.”

    Truly inspiring. Traylor lost both of his legs and still considers himself lucky. I have met many people who would rather wallow in the unfortunate situations that have been thrust upon them, but Jay is not one of them. After only a month or 2 on his prosthetics, he is walking short distances without the use of a cane.

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  • Erik Weihenmayer | April 2012

    Just want to congratulate Erik Weihenmayer on his successful navigation of 277 miles of the Grand Canyon. Trying to imagine doing this at all is intimidating, thinking of doing it completely blind is just terrifying. Inspiring.

    I photographed Erik training at the US National Whitewater Center for Outside Magazine back in 2012 and he has continued his training ever since.

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