• Just a few of the hundreds of coffees the tasters at Counter Culture have tested for possible sale….

  • jakestangel:

    I learned yesterday morning that my favorite photographer, Lars Tunbjörk, just passed away. His work meant everything to me: irreverent, idiosyncratic, skewed, intelligent, sharp. Lars saw the world in double-take, and it constantly refreshed my relationship with photography. Paul Moakley has written an excellent and touching account of Lars and his work on the Time Lightbox. Please do yourself a favor and spend some time with Lars’s work this morning.  

    Totally agree.. one of the finest 

  • A pre-Presidential Barack Obama

    Also the first photo I ever made of him

  • I am very happy to say that a rough cut of Farmer Veteran will showing at this year’s Full Frame Documentary Film Festival as part of the Southern Documentary Fund’s Fresh Docs series. 

    It will be the first time we are showing a full cut of the film and we will have a Q&A following the 80 minute screening. 

    Tickets are free, but you have to reserve one starting tomorrow, April 2, at 11 AM. Get one here.

    Thank you all for the support. 

  • If you extend the notion of a no-man’s-land to how images are being distributed, I do not privilege one form of distribution versus another. I will publish in magazines, I will do installations in museums in an art context, I will put billboards on the highways, and I will put pictures on the web. If I could pin pictures on your bedroom walls I would.

  • More Memphis with Dan McGee of the Spider Bags during the recording of Shake My Head