• Major Herbert W. Donahue, Jr. USMC Ret., for the New York Times.

    Major Donahue is the President and founder of United American Patriots (UAP). A former Marine Scout/Sniper and Force Recon Marine, Major Donahue spent 44 months in combat in Vietnam, before becoming an officer and F-4 Phantom pilot, returning to fly combat missions for an additional 3 years in the same conflict. He was medically retired in 1989 after a jet crash that nearly took his life.


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    Carolina Rebellion 2016 for VICE/Live Nation

  • North Carolina State Legislative Building, May 2016.


    Carolina Rebellion 2016 for Vice/Live Nation

    Grayson’s excellent story, along with my photos, is now live on the LNTV site.

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    Gwar BQ 2013

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  • Hawaiian Ted Cruz Supporter, Raleigh, NC. April 2016.